Who exactly
are NetZero?

NetZero is the result of a collaboration
between academic and technical partners,
seeking to resolve some of the most significant
challenges facing property owners in their need to
deliver net zero by 2050.

We have developed products and services that enable
an evidence and research based approach to decarbonising

Our Mission

To use our smart technology to provide independent assurance to landlords that investment in a property to reduce carbon emissions, ACTUALLY delivers the desired outcomes in both carbon and cost of comfort.

How does NetZero help?

There are two fundamental challenges that we address.

NetZero Property

NetZero Property uses a combination of remote monitoring and innovative research-backed technologies, to determine if the investment in the property has resulted in the outcomes of carbon reduction and cost of comfort. We provide ongoing assurance that risk of unintended consequences, such as over and underheating and damp, are identified so that cost and discomfort can be avoided.

NetZero Training

NetZero Training works with Councils, Colleges and Housing Associations, to build capacity and capability in sustainable skills in the local community. Our unique approach is designed to result in long term economic growth at the same time as decarbonising homes.

Our expertise gained across engineering and manufacturing provides our clients with an approach to delivering retrofit that drives real local social and economic benefit, as well as significant savings on the cost of retrofit at scale.

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Meet our team
and our partners

NetZero has been born out of a collaborative project to help meet the climate challenge and involves a wide variety of contributors from a range of backgrounds. Here are just a few of them.

Professor AbuBakr Bahaj

Professor AbuBakr Bahaj is recognised as one of the UK’s practicing top 100 Climate Change scientists, heading up the faculty of Buildings Climate Change and Energy at Southampton University. NetZero Property work closely with Bakr and his team at the University and Bakr is a Scientific Advisor to the NetZero Board.

Mick Brophy

Previously MD and Deputy Principal at Gateshead College, Mick Brophy was responsible for Business, Innovation and Development. Mick has extensive experience in driving up business development (in the millions) by forming winning delivery and bidding teams, as well as working closely with a wide range of employers to ensure the curriculum was fit for purpose and ensured meaningful destinations for learners. Success was based on being ahead of the curve as new ideas, practices, and innovations were occurring and integrating these into curriculum design. Mick and his teams consistently achieved Ofsted Grade 1.

Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in further education, previously working as Assistant Principal-Work Based Learning: Apprenticeships. Kevin worked extensively with employers to create training solutions across a range of sectors including engineering, construction, renewable technologies, manufacturing and many others at a high performing North East FE College. Kevin worked with many blue chip companies and high profile employers during this time, designing apprenticeship standards and representing employers in apprenticeship employer design groups to inform the content of new apprenticeship standards.

Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson has over 30 years’ experience developing strategies for organisations including Social Landlords. His key strengths are working with people to develop relationships that deliver solutions to key strategic challenges. He has worked with renewable companies for over 10 years and by having sight of the core challenges we face in meeting our net zero obligations, conceived an approach that is now being put into practice.

Nick Allott

Nick Allott is CEO and Founder of NquiringMinds, an award winning Technology Company specialising in the areas of IOT, Security and Data Analytics. Nick has a Degree in Cognitive Science from Nottingham University and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He is an Advisory Board Member for VisionMobile and a Member of TechUKs CTO Council.

Allan Laing

Allan is our Chair. He is a Chartered Engineer & Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He successfully built and sold a fine chemicals manufacturing business and is a non-executive director of an innovative, marine-bio polymers enterprise in Iceland.

Jon Penny

Jon began his career as an electromechanical engineering apprentice with Marta Marconi space and now has over 20 years’ experience in the aerospace industry.

With a career centred around manufacturing, Jon is qualified and experienced in leading teams across multiple disciplines including procurement, manufacturing engineering, facilities management and most recently in sustainability. He is now focussed on supporting the crucially important net carbon zero challenge we all face.

Neil Sephton PIEMA

Neil is a multi-talented sustainability and energy professional with extensive 3rd sector, education, social housing, conservation, and community action experience. Originally qualified in Earth sciences at Oxford Brookes University, he is a lifelong learner who has achieved extensive technical qualifications & experience relating to energy, retrofit and domestic construction.

Neil maintains Practitioner membership of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and in 2016, won the Sustainable Homes SHIFT award for best resident engagement on energy savings.

Our business is committed to making a difference. We are guided by the ‘triple bottom line’ of People, Planet Profits. 600 million people in Africa alone do not have access to electricity yet find themselves on the ‘front line’ of climate change. We commit 5% of our profit before tax to support renewable projects delivered by our partners at Southampton University to rural communities in Sub Saharan Africa.

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