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With 5.8m residential properties owned by social landlords, meeting net zero will need a big investment – the average cost of decarbonising a domestic dwelling is over £20,000, which covers fabric works (insulation and ventilation), the removal of fossil fuel and replacement with a heat pump, and the addition of PV and batteries so the property is as close to net zero as possible.

This excludes the cost of managing the process in a PAS 2035 compliant manner

The four challenges

Social and private landlords face four core challenges in meeting their legal obligation to decarbonise their stock:


Each property will need a property-specific solution – so what’s the optimum cost to deliver the optimum carbon reduction?


How will you know the works have been effective in reducing carbon and delivering affordable comfort to residents?


Where is the skilled labour coming from to undertake the works? Estimates range from 750,000 to 1.2m new jobs will be needed to deliver retrofit works, with the time to retrofit a single property estimated at over 35 labour days.


How do you minimise the risk of resident dissatisfaction and increased asset costs as a result of not supporting residents on their transition to low carbon living?

NetZero can provide solutions to all four issues

The data to deliver

Using our remote monitoring technology, we’ll provide data-led analysis to help us guide you to the most effective options to decarbonise a particular property – enabling us to provide you with a clear roadmap to meet your net zero obligations.

The first critical stage is understanding how the building currently performs throughout the year. This real-world data led approach provides the detailed analysis to support the interventions required to deliver NetZero whilst avoiding unintended consequences.

Once the property has been decarbonised, AI enabled technology also provides property performance data which will evaluate the impact of the works compared to what you have specified. This assurance is especially important when the average cost per property is £20,000.

New skills, new habits

Alongside upgrading properties, there’s a need for both new skills to undertake the works, and for training to help occupants make the most of greener technologies. Our sister company NetZero Training can deliver both.

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